Make the journey hopeful
For a long time, we all want to make such a laptop, it is designed for business people to customize, both small and portable, picked up on said you get, and have a strong business office performance, and the idea, as we do this with the arrival of a reality.
Backlit keyboard
Equipped with 1.3mm keystroke and frosted spray paint keypad, the integrated mobile infrared sensor mouse has backlight function and operates freely in the dark.
Class 2048 original handwriting
At some point, we hope that you can grasp the inspiration quickly and complete the marking, so we have equipped the first edition with 2048 original handwriting support, which will make your work more convenient.
An instant memo instantly marks hand-written notes for drawing between fingers.

We know that interface extensibility is important, and it will allow you to do a lot of work more efficiently, so it has a really useful interface if it's small enough and light enough to make one.
Handheld tablet
Video game sound palm
The class of 2048 pressure
Jot down the original handwriting
Small enough
Safe and reliable
Turn 360 °
Laptop is also a productivity tablet
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